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About Noble Cause Elder Care and Support (NCECS)

Noble Cause Elder Care and Support (NCECS) is established to help eliminate some of the deprivations of elders in the Addis Ababa and Tanbaber areas. The elderly in Ethiopia face greater risks due to poverty than their younger family members do.

Many of the elderly are unable to adequately use their land due to physical incapacity. In addition, the tradition of providing children with endowment at their wedding tends to deplete storable assets and other resources of the land.

The elderly are also increasingly taking responsibility for their own children infected by HIV/AIDS. When they succumb to AIDS, caring for them taxes the family resources, eventually leaving the grandchildren to the elders’ care. These grandparents are able and strong but will soon become weak without assistance.

Currently, there is insufficient organization and attention to the needs of the elderly population in Ethiopia. Few national government organizations (NGOs) are sharing responsibility with the government to create opportunities to solve some of the problems of elders in selected areas.

Just recently, the government began to address the needs of Ethiopia’s aging population. Our new NGO, NCECS, will compliment the government’s new efforts by placing emphasis on working together to care for and support the elderly.

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What is Noble Cause Elder Care?

Noble Cause Elder Care and Support (NCECS) is a Ministry in Action, according to volunteer Sharon Curry. It is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the neglected elderly and their families in Ethiopia.

Started in 2007, we now have property and a locally constructed building, a beginning for a haven, a safe place. We discriminate against no one and treat each elder and their family members with the utmost respect.

Starting with community-based care, NCECS is attempting to reach the poorest of the poor. We are providing education in healthy living and prevention of eye problems (common among our elders).

With your help we can also provide income generation activities, along with money for food, supplies, and health care.

All the work of NCECS has been done with individual donations of time, money and resources. We have not accepted any grant money. Help us decrease the stress of daily living in a harsh cold environment (elders numbering near 150 in fall of 2009).

Visit our Donations page for ways that you can become involved in this worthy cause – this Noble Cause. Please join us!