NCECS 2011

IDIR (Community Based Organization) Training Report April 2011

IDIR Training Apr '11

IDIR Training at Basso Dengora Kebele, April 2011

In Ethiopia, the social commitment is very high. Ekob, Idir, and Debo are the best examples of community-based organization. This is the system of helping each other and working together!

Every community-based organization has its own rules and regulations to govern and explore members.

Kebele (the place where NCECS is established), has 18 Idir (community based organizations), so we gave a holistic awareness regarding the poorest elders and our activities. This took one day with more than 45 individuals participating. It was a great event for everyone concerned!

There were a lot of questions and answers from both facilitators and participants, including:

  •      Who are the elders?
  •      What are their problems?
  •     Who is responsible to help with their problems and challenges?

 The general objective of this awareness creation:

1. To strengthen the neighborhood care of elders
2. To create collaboration
3. To get community and family contribution and help sustain our organization
4. To ensure that older people are involved and their role in the Idir
5. To share the responsibilities between Idir and NCECS
6. To know and prioritize elders needs
7. To expand volunteerism in the organization
8. To help the Idir association modify their rules and regulations in a way to help people while they are still alive instead of only at funerals

Shortage of funds, time, professionals, participants’ expectations, and beneficiaries are the greatest challenges in our projects!

In a nutshell, even though the time was very short because of shortage of resources, we have created the base of common consensus. We learned that continual capacity building and awareness creation are the crucial activities for building NCECS!


 2011 Elder Day Celebration A Success!

Posted Oct 14, 2011

The following is an initial report, with a more thorough report to come.

A very successful Elder Day Celebration took place on October 9, 2011, with more government officials than ever before and two board members in attendance!

Approximately 130 elders and community members attended and all enjoyed the feast of beef and two kinds of bread.  Many promises were made for future working together.

Thank you for your interest in Noble Cause Elder Care and Support! If you would like to know more about this worthy cause, you can read past articles on our About Us page, Mission page, and History pages.


Elder Day Celebration 2011 Report

Posted Oct 21, 2011

Greetings from Samson, Manager of Noble Cause Elder Care and Support. I come to you to bring awareness of the many concerns of the elderly: their pain, frustration, poverty and need for dignity.

We want to help transfer the stored experience and wisdom of the elders to the next generation, so that the elders will be included in the mainstream of every program! Please catch my vision and my ideas for this and run with us! Help the worthy elders who are served by Noble Cause!

An International Older People Day was celebrated successfully on October 9, with the leading theme of “Age Demands Action” (ADA) and it brought different people together to help the poorest and most vulnerable older people!

Participants from international donors, community based organizations, government officials, board members, volunteers, and health professionals were in attendance. 

Elders were able to speak out about their problems, which in turn generated many promises, creating a new chapter for the organization. This has motivated us to continue being a strong bridge connecting the elders with YOU!

One of the participants in the discussion this day said, “Older peoples’ problem is the national, even international problem in poverty reduction. A great concern should be given household (seniors), and helping the household is indirectly helping the street children.”

Discussion, speeches, reports, local office inauguration, lunch, rewards, and promises were all part of the program. However, because of a big wind we couldn’t march this year. Our newly opened office created a shelter around which the 130 guests gathered.

In response to their needs, our plan this year is to start a tea service place for their weekends, so they can come together and play with the peer group on weekends! We also hope to open a medium clinic for palliative care. 

Now our organization has a head office and a local office so there are great opportunities for the volunteers, researchers, donors, local and international professionals!

Even though we don’t have funds, we have a great passion to work with/for the poorest and the most vulnerable elders!

Now we call on all our dear friends and all who want to share in these activities, to help any way possible. No gift or help is too small and is valuable to our organization.

Our greatest challenge is establishing fund raising programs!

Thank you for your interest in Noble Cause Elder Care and Support. We hope to hear from you and hope you will join us in this great and important work for the elders!

Samson, Manager and Co-founder

See our donations page for ideas on how you can be a part of this Noble Cause.


Age-Friendly Activity Weekend!

Posted Nov 16, 2011

Welcome to our newest endeavor for our elders – a weekend Age-Friendly Activity!  We expect many good things to happen, including sharing of stories and even psychological relief when elders begin to unburden what has been on his or her mind.

In order to carry out this activity, we are searching for financial support. With a total of $260.00, we will reach 80 elders in just one month.

Instead of just asking for your donation, we are giving you an opportunity to select the item that you wish to support.  For example, the guard who will keep our compound secure costs only $9 each month.  The food for the four weekends, two days each time, is $176.  Or maybe you would rather support something in between, such as the office worker’s wages – just $24.

Thank you in advance for helping the poorest of the poor elders here in Ethiopia to experience a new activity and to feel love and care!

Please see our Donations page for ways you can give to this great Activity Weekend. Thank you!

From your Noble Cause Elder Care Volunteer Staff