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Posted Oct 17, 2012

food and drinks for more than 200 guests at 2012 Elders Day!

[other photos below]

Celebrate! Celebrate!

Under cloudy skies, occasional sun and wind, two hundred gathered to celebrate International Elders Day on September 23, 2012. Many of our elders arrived with family members. Government representatives and guests from Addis Ababa joined in.

Yes, there were speeches but the youth prepared a drama–about how some of their children are rude, treating the elders badly, and concentrating on property inheritance. The drama taught that this leads to much stress, sickness in the family, and causes untimely death. But with the help of Noble Cause Elder Care and Support . . . we did not coach them! The different scenes in the drama came between the speeches.

The occasion helped elders speak out—how they are in challenges because of their eye problems, for example. We heard more community involvement with hands raised to donate wood for the fence. And, everyone was updated!

Then, when we thought we were finished, the youth had NEWS. They gave a BIG thank you for all that Noble Cause does—a surprise presentation in the form of a NEWS announcement. The award to one of our founders surprised her and everyone clapped.

Food for everyone—celebration with music and dancing before the food. And eight horses in traditional finery paraded around the gathering—you should have been there!

From this occasion, we learned we must dedicate ourselves to focus on expanding our services for the elders. This requires strengthening our skills and seeking more donations.

Please Contact us or see our Donations page to learn how YOU can help the elders!!

1-2012 Elders Day Food prep2012 Elders Day Food prep2-2012 Elders Day Workers Breakf2012 Elders Day Workers Breakf
1- Pieces of beef (on the hoof a few hours ago); preparation begins the day before (for 200 guests). 2- Thick pieces of healthy local bread, cut for all the workers’ breakfast.

Horses & riders in traditional finery

3- Under blue skies, clouds and wind, local horses and riders arrive before 10am. Eventually there were eight.

2012 Elders Day Arrival2012 Elders Day Arrival
4- Slowly elders and their family members gather, finding a place to sit on the cold ground and listening patiently to different speeches.

5-2012 Elders Day Volunteers2012 Elders Day Volunteers6-Volunteer Ato IsmaVolunteer Ato Isma
5- Kebele Leader begins to speak, encouraging everyone to help, to support by contributing wood for the fence. Hands are raised to volunteer to donate. 6- Ato Isma, uncle to the founders smiles as he volunteers. He has been helping us since the first visit in 2007. Thank you, Ato Isma!

7- Every celebration includes at least one award. This year the Working Task Group, represented by Ato Tsega, Local Project Manager, presented Dorothy Hanson (one of the Founders) with a wrapped gift – “open it” the crowd chanted.

Dorothy gives speechDorothy gives speech
8- The dress over all the warm clothes! After every award, a speech! “Thank you. God created us all equal. I am one of you.”

9-2012 Elders Day-Samson appreci2012 Elders Day-Samson appreci
9- NEWS! NEWS! In front of the “stage” constructed for their drama, the youth summarize what they have heard throughout the program. This was a surprise news presentation. Samson Betru, General Manager admires the youth’s creativity and appreciates them.

10-Samson plays cell phone musicSamson plays cell phone music
10-Can you hear the music?” Samson asks as he plays music on his cell phone. Immediately the clapping begins while men rise to begin dancing.

Samson and Ato Isma in dance

11- Samson and Ato Isma (uncle and supporter) each aim a shoulder at the other, in the traditional dance. Shoulders, arms and chest move and there may be stomping, but hips only follow.

An end to a great and successful 2012 Elders Day Celebration!

Food and drinks for more than 200 guests

12- Meat, bread, enjera and drinks for every guest (more than 200) and there is enough for everyone.



Posted July 15, 2012

Training for TWG

In our last post on this website, (Training for Community-Based Care Task Force), we described the training for 12 elected individuals, which we call our technical working group (TWG). They were very good at collecting data! We then categorized and prioritized according to the challenges and needs of the elders they visited.

Mr. Abraham receives new belt.


<<photo – At the Age-Friendly gathering,
Mr. Abraham, age 85, gratefully
receives a much-asked-for belt.
Samson removed his own and
gave it to this delightful elder.

350 Elders Registered!

So now, we have 350 elders registered. NCECS Board Chair, Meraf, donates blankets.
Twenty elders have started getting very
small money transfers and 11 elders
each received a blanket.

NCECS Board Chair, Meraf, donates new warm blankets and Samson accepts with gratitude.

Thanks to one church in the US who collected the warm clothes, around 100 elders received warm scarves or hats.
<<photo – Elders with new warm hats. Thank you Quincy First Presbyterian Church!

Age-Friendly Programs begin in three places!

Hot, sweet tea is served at Age-Friendly gathering.

We are very excited about the Age-Friendly Programs started
in three places. Forty-five elders (15 in each place) participated
where different issues were
discussed, which made them happy and relaxed. But we seek
to sit in the middle for
teaching and motivating the elders. We also learned that we need to provide alternate, chewable, and
suitable food in the Age-Friendly programs.

Community Based Care – Volunteers Needed!

Community Based care is for those who are unable to move and participate in other programs especially if they are bedridden. For this program, we need volunteers who are willing to travel to their homes, giving bedside support and teaching family members.

Under this program, we found Simeneh Kidane (photo below), who lives in the back and sells tea and arake (local alcohol) in the front of his government house. Many customers come, they like his place. He has no helper but prepares and serves. He moves on his hands (wood pieces) and feet (shoes). On receipt of a wheelchair, he was able to sit in it with minimal assistance.

elder Simeneh

Simeneh moves about on hands and feet.

A widower, his daughter is in school, somewhat discouraged without a mother. Simeneh wants a sponsor for both, but will sacrifice his own schooling for his daughter’s first.

Simeneh accepts assistance from Samson into his new wheelchair (photo below).

Simeneh receives new wheelchair

Another man, 66 year old Filekeh, for 38 years worked hard with only one leg, supporting the other leg with a walking stick. For walking, he uses his own crutch, which he crafted from wood.

Filekeh crafted his own crutch

Filekeh crafted his crutch from local materials.

Filekeh works with stick support

Filekeh demonstrates how he can work while the stick supports his stump.



Our challenge – can Noble Cause connect Mr. Filekeh with an organization to provide him with an artificial leg?




Support the Noble Cause Elder Care programs! Click this link to see a sample budget that shows how these programs will strengthen and expand services to other areas and help the neediest elders.

Thank you for your concern for the elders!
For ways to give, please see our DONATIONS Page!



Posted May 14, 2012


Purpose – To give fair services to our elders, including the home-bound. Because we do not have the staff, we involved these volunteers to cover all areas of the Kebele. Rivers, ravines and sparsely populated farmland characterize the area. This training begins our Community Based Care (one of four components of our work). These volunteers are our tools for skillful transmission of the information (we call that Training of the Trainer – TOT).

Participants were selected by the local committee to represent different areas of the Kebele, known as Got (wider than a village, there are 17 Got under one Kebele). Criteria for selection included being able to read and write – twelve were selected and representatives of the Kebele joined us bringing our participants to 19 total.

The importance and procedure of collecting data and reporting systems such as prioritizing and categorizing the needs of the elders paves the way to fair distribution. In addition, we taught general patient care, with emphasis on the practical aspects of providing home-based care.

Undoubtedly, families are providing care for the elderly with decreased ability to care for themselves, but at what skill level? We want to prevent unnecessary problems that can occur from being sedentary and immobile. Therefore, skillful family care will enhance and improve the quality of life for our home-bound elders.

In conclusion, the twelve selected to visit their area, collect data and report have received the first phase of skill building but will require follow-up and further support as well as materials. In all – a successful training from which we can take the next steps in our Strategic Plan.

In summary, following up categorizing and prioritizing the needs of elders, we will provide necessary support and activities. This is needs your professional and financial support. Please see our Donations page.

Training for Community-Based Care Task Force, May 7, 2012

Group Photo May 7, 2012

Instructors Samson and Tekle

Two Instructors – Samson Betru and Tekle Tesfaye

Samson explaining to three participants - Training for Community based task force

Samson explaining to 3 participants


Training for Community-Based Care Task Force - Bed bath demonstration

Bed bath demonstration – Tekle, the teacher and nurse, Samson as patient

Training for Community-Based Care Task Force - Adult participants adapt to the Primary School Classroom

Adult participants adapt to the Primary School Classroom




Posted February 17, 2012

Noble Cause Elder Care and Support has placed this Donation Box to collect funds for the needs of Noble Cause Elders.

Noble Cause Ethiopia donation box

Noble Cause Elder Care Donation Box

The donation box collects from travelers who stop at a beautiful, scenic overlook on the Dessie Road 180 Kilometers north of Addis Ababa. This point allows the viewer to see farms far below, baboons in the cliff and on the mountain as well as sheep and their shepherds grazing nearby. Many travelers stop here and we expect that the Donation Box will gather donations for our needy elders who are nearby.

Please see our donation page for other ways to give.

Samson Betru
General Manager



Posted January 20, 2012

Today our organization is better than yesterday!

With Help of God (Allah), we brought the three-year Project Proposal

towards the World!

Out of 5 million only 10% of older people are getting a pension but the majority are not; most elders are living where there is scarcity of health facilities (so they are affected by communicable and non-communicable diseases), poor nutrition, lack of basic needs, age-related discrimination and less involvement of older people.

Overall goal – contribute to improved quality of life for older persons in the target area!!

Based on the following components we have plan activities including:

  1. An Age-Friendly weekend activity designed with the local staff – for example instruction, local music, local stories, games and open discussion. Nutritional materials will be provided for the elders to eat and drink during the day. Suggestions will be gathered from the participants at the end of the day in order to improve the next day’s activities.
  2. Community-Based Care for those elders who are bedridden or home bound. Staff are designing the system for training of trainers (TOT) to teach home care and sustainable service of the family. We will empower the family to take over the care and support for their family member. Then we will provide the necessary materials related to the needy person.
  3. Revolving Funds to generate income. Active, motivated elders will be recruited. The organization will begin some loans to match their ideas for income generation. This will help them to increase their income. Because it is a revolving fund scheme, they will pay money back into the fund and then we will transfer funds to other older people!
  4. Health Service concentrates on primary (prevention) and rehabilitation health services. This is an important part of the activities to help the older people and make them productive. As we go through this experience we will link with referral health services and hospitals as well as palliative care.

The plan is to involve all older people in one or the other services according to their need and capacity; however, there are many step-by-step activities, presenting our project in different stages, insuring the community participation then widening the sustainability strategies and expanding our experience to other neighboring districts (regions). These are the major activities for the following three or even five-year plan!

Integration and community active involvement, collaboration towards the activities among all concerned parties will bring us to our goal to improve the life of elders in our project! If you are reading this, you are part of the solution!!!!! Together we can bring changes for our elders. DONATE today.

799,940 ETB (47,055USD) Funds needed to attain our Goal for the next three years. Helping this compassionate mission will go directly to the most vulnerable and poorest elders in the area!

For more detail proposal or Strategic plan or any question feel free and ask!

Samson Betru,
General Manager
Noble Cause Elder Care and Support
P.O.Box:21261 code1000
Addis Ababa,