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Posted November 12, 2013

83 year old Ethiopian woman“I am now 83 years old and I can no longer work the ground to grow my own food. How will I eat?”

“Who will tend my sores? I am too old and too sick to walk the 10 km to the nearest clinic, and the hospital is over 50 km away.”

Noble Cause Elder Care and Support attempts to answer these and other problems of Ethiopian elders who struggle to live without adequate pensions or other means of support.

These elders face growing needs associated with aging:

–Declining ability to farm or earn a daily wage

–Inadequate or inaccessible health care

–Poor housing conditions, where the elders share their houses with sheep or calves, or the smoky kitchen and living space is the same; thus, the elders develop eye and respiratory problems

–Insufficient clothing due to poverty, often wearing the same clothes for more than a year

–Isolation due to immobility or diseases 

Problems associated with these issues:

–Starvation, or at best, an unhealthy diet

–Easily preventable conditions and diseases

–Eye diseases, such as infections and cataracts; or typhoid, Typhus, or other diseases associated with poor environments and lack of personal hygiene

–Lack of understanding and rejection by society because of age and health issues

Providing Awareness Since 2007

Since its inception in 2007, Noble Cause Elder Care and Support has provided awareness campaigns, blanket distributions, cataract surgeries, and limited loans, subsidy, and financial support of elders who are served. Age-friendly gatherings for their clients provide needed social contacts as well as nutritional meals and the opportunity for Noble Cause to distribute soap, simple shoes, hats, and socks. These gatherings also serve to congregate elders for health appraisals, treatments, and sharing experiences with each other and the trained staff of Noble Cause. 

Ethiopia’s First Geriatric and Palliative Care Facility

Noble Cause’s strategic plan is to provide Ethiopia’s first geriatric and palliative care facility that will provide specialized care for those whose needs are so vast. 

Ways YOU Can Partner With Noble Cause

To realize this plan will take committed partners. Won’t YOU consider partnering with Noble Cause Elder Care and Support? To make a difference for a hurting, forgotten population of elders in Ethiopia, we invite you to choose one of the following levels of support:

      –Principal:  Make a one-time donation of any amount (your gift is tax-deductible, you will be recognized on our web site, and you will receive a personal certificate of appreciation from Noble Cause Elder Care and Support).

      —Premium:  Sponsor one elder for $50 USD per month, which will provide regular food subsidy, transportation to medical services, medical supplies, improved housing, assistance with hygiene issues, age-friendly gatherings, etc. (Your gift is tax-deductible; you will be recognized on our web site, and you will receive a personal certificate of appreciation from Noble Cause Elder Care and Support. Additionally, you will receive a picture of your elder and regular updates on activities within our organization.)

      —Partner:  Contribution of $5,000 USD towards general support of Noble Cause or (you choose) the construction of Ethiopia’s first geriatric and palliative care facility that will provide specialized care for elders. (Your gift is tax-deductible; you will be recognized on our web site, and you will receive a personal certificate of appreciation from Noble Cause Elder Care and Support. You will receive regular updates on activities within our organization, a major event  sponsored by Noble Cause (such as the annual Elders Day Celebration) will be named in your honor, and you will be invited to attend.)

      –Presidential:  Honor Noble Cause Elder Care and Support with a legacy donation through your will of $10,000 or more to make a significant impact for indigent elders in Ethiopia. (A plaque in your memory, or in honor of whomever you designate, will be displayed in a prominent place inside the Noble Cause Elder Care and Support facility.)

We look forward to partnering with you! Please see our Donations page.

Samson Betru
General Manager NCECS

To learn more about Noble Cause Elder Care and Support, see our About Us page, our Mission page, and our History pages.

Noble Cause Elder Care and Support is a non-profit and non-governmental, indigenous, welfare association, which was established in November 2007.



Posted September 18, 2013

Dear Friends,

2013 has been an exciting year for Noble Cause Elder Care and Support! This year we have been fortunate to touch the lives of over 100 elders with home care, medical services and support.  While we were able to expand in 2013 to have permenant staff and office space, our expenses also increase with this growth.

As we near the highlight of our annual calendar, we ask for your support in raising the funds necessary to offer our annual International Elders’ Day Celebration in October.

Your donations assisting us to reach this year’s goal of $1250 USD would be very appreciated, no matter what the amount.  Any excess funds raised will be utilized to continue to meet our mission of providing comfort for Ethiopian elders.

Please consider a one time or ongoing contribution at
Use Missionary Name Dorothy Hanson and project ID # 105653.
Your donations are US income tax deductible.  Many thanks for any
assistance that you can offer.

Kind Regards,
Samson Betru, Manager NCECS



Posted August 14, 2013

One of our annual activities is celebrating an older people’s day every year on October 1. This year’s celebration is the 23rd time internationally, the 22nd time in Ethiopia, and the 6th time for Noble Cause!

Noble Cause will celebrate with different colorful programs and activities. This helps the different professionals and stakeholders come together to help the poorest older people.

Our program will include drama, food, entertainment, beverages, speeches, reports, plans, and sharing expected promises and support!

The expected expense for the whole program will be 10-15,000 (Ethiopian Birr), or $540.50-$810 USD. We are requesting our friends to help in any way possible with finances, clothing, shoes, scarves, and/or beginner books for their grandchildren.

Thank you for your interest and help for Noble Cause Elder Care and Support! Click here to visit our donations page.

Samson BetruGeneral Manager
Noble Cause Elder Care and Support
P.O. Box 21261 code 1000
Addis Ababa,
251 911 16 42 31



Posted May 17, 2013

On Friday, May 10th, NCECS teamed up with Help Age International for a program about hypertension in the elder community (theme of World Health Day, 2013). Health professionals participated as speakers and volunteers to check all 130 attendees’ blood pressure. Each person received a card on which future blood pressure readings might be recorded—a new concept for self-health in Ethiopia. To further illustrate healthy living, grain, dark bread and fruit were served in place of the usual cookies and white bread.

Dorothy and Samson illustrate blood pressurePhoto 1 – Dorothy and Samson illustrate with empty water bottles, that the normal volume of blood is 4.7 Liters – 5 Liters. After discussion, audience members realized that there is a common misconception in Ethiopia – that high blood pressure means more blood. The discussion also focused on the mechanism of heart pumping through arteries, where increased pressure may make the heart work harder and ultimately result in complications.

Dorothy checks blood pressurePhoto 2 – Every attendee was welcomed for a Blood Pressure check. For many it was the first time. Counseling followed, referring the few with high blood pressure for a second check after the refreshments.



Posted April 2, 2013

VCT Center Training

We believe that continual working on the awareness of different issues can help prevention, and decrease social and economic crisis. One of our four components, Holistic Health Service, is the most crucial for the poorest and potentially vulnerable older people.

This is why on March 4, 2013, we conducted Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for HIV awareness! HIV awareness and dispelling myths were integrated throughout our previous programs, but this program brought many new opportunities. The participants thought that HIV is transmitted only through sex and that older people are not sexually active, so they aren’t affected.

After the session, they acknowledged that HIV does not depend on age, and it does affect older people. They learned that HIV is also transmitted by traditional midwifery, caring for patients with AIDS (without gloves), traditional female genital mutilation, and traditional treatment when blood is involved.

At the end of the training, professionals were ready to provide the test as an immediate demonstration of how easy and quick it is. Many participants lined up to give one drop of blood from their finger, an example to the community for the future VCT Center. This is how we inaugurated the VCT Center, which will offer testing at our place once a month.

There were professionals from different stockholders including Woreda Health Agency, two Health Centers, Church representatives, Community (Idir), Board, and selected elders partcipated in the program.


Age-Friendly Progress Report from March 8 & 9, 2013

In most communities, older people are forgotten. The family puts them outside in the morning, and takes them inside at evening. Also, older people’s responsibilities and activities are not recognized by their families. These situations isolate older people from others.

One of our activities is called Age-Friendly. This program gives great recognition and motivation by creating an integration with local, international, and community participation! This compassionate activity is a crucial program for elders, according to the Technical Working Group Report.

Approximately 100 elders are participating in three different sites, once per month in each place. We increased the benefits and there is motivated participation. We changed the food to one that is suitable for elders who cannot chew hard grain, and we are giving soap to each participant. The elders are very satisfied and are now sharing their experiences.

One of the big issues raised during discussion was women’s participation. And for the first time they said, “This is the place to hear the way to call elder people with respect.” In Amharic, the term “aragowin” is now substituted for “arogite.” Saying “old people,” according to the discussion, is forbidden and prohibited. This was a common consensus in all locations and by all participants.

This program needs professionals such as counselors and facilitators. We are planning to increase the service given and expand to other neighboring areas.

Samson Betru, General Manager

Please see our Donations page to partner with us, Noble Cause Elder Care and Support.