Elders’ Beliefs on Medical Intervention!

On Saturday I (Samson Betru) responded to an emergency call and visited four home bound, bedridden elders in our new location, Chacha. Of the four, Ato Hailemariam Ashenafi, (See his photo on Facebook), needed immediate attention, in severe pain, an acute problem that needed correction. On Monday here is what happened. After hours of arranging transportation, gaining an appointment, etc. our Social Worker, Hanan, received our 88 year old, Ato Hailemariam Ashenafi, son’s permission as well as his willingness to…

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Ignoring Elders

Personal reflections of our Foreign Advisor, Dorothy Russell Hanson: I don’t like being ignored. I do like attention – very much! I want to be loved, to be held in high esteem, at least by those who know me. I am an elder, a senior citizen, a grandmother, a white-haired lady, but I am NOT old. At 77 I am in good health, robust, energetic and very happy. So when I am ignored, “yes, we’ll call you later” and I…

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Without your help we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you so much for what you do for Noble Cause Elder Care and Support. We are eager for you to know what we’ve been doing for our elders. Department of Finance and Economic has responsibilities to control any registered NGOs, according to their three year evaluation Noble Cause has succeeded 89% from the three years’ plan. We were then assisted by the next higher level of government (Zone) to…

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