News April2017

As per our principle that no one should die without a visit by health professional; we held health campaign on 18 December, 2016, 73 elders received benefit from the campaign. Zewuditu Memorial Hospital contributed all necessary medication for the campaign. Including Dorothy and Samson there were seven health professionals. In addition to the health visits there were 42 university students serving by making coffee, lunch for all participants, the students also donated the collected clothes Figure 1 Elder woman assessed…

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2016 International Elders Day

On September 24 we CELEBRATED  International Day of Older Persons successfully. All expected participants arrived on time! We learned a lot and that many people have great respect for our seniors. Different government decision makers and other stakeholders delivered speeches focusing on the contributions and challenges of older people along with their opportunities.  This resembles  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Noble Cause General Manager (Samson) explained many issue under three topics, – Elderly People, Noble Cause, and International Day of Older…

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An international Older People Days

An international Older People Days, is coming This day every October 1, will celebrate among member country. As I read on one article, every year since the beginning of IDOP(International Day of older people), the UN department of Economic social affairs (DESA)- economic and social council(ECOSOC); Social Policy and Development Division put forward a theme for the occasion of IDOP. This year the theme is ‘ taking a stand against Ageism’. For older people ageism is an every day, yet…

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