A program that provides care for the immobile, physically disabled and forgotten home-bound elders.  Home visits are scheduled to teach, support and socialize with our Social Worker(s) and provide basic needs, such as shelter (for 6 elders), nutritious food, and sanitation materials.  The Social Workers are trained to educate the home care giver in patient skills, knowledge, screening for going to clinic and palliative care.  Ato  Misahun was home bound because his family did not know how to teach a blind man to navigate outside.  They cared for him well, bringing food, bathing him, accompanying him to the latrine but the rest of the time he was locked inside a dark room – he was very lonely and cried when Samson visited, “I thought you were never coming.”  Ato __________ was bed fast for four years.  His wife cared for him but did not have the skills required.  One demonstration by Samson along with assisting him to get out of bed and sit in a chair changed their lives.