American Friends of Noble Cause

Now it is certified and have got 501(C)(3) status, we are bless, We thank you for all the board! more details here!

The primary function is to raise funds and send them to NCECS in Ethiopia, not to run programs.

Five Board members: Melody Padilla, Chair, Liz Fihe, Vice Chair, Dorothy Hanson, Secretary, Peter Jang, Treasurer, Member at Large (Fund Raise Chair) Cari Ernst. Meetings are held as needed via Skype.

All board members have visited Ethiopia, three have visited Noble Cause Elder Care and Support remote sites, the location of the actual work with elders of the organization.

The activity of 2016 is to establish a 501C3 organization. This requires Officers/Directors, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, Minute Book and Bank Account. Board members are also raising funds during this period.

Contact can be made through the Chair, email: