On Friday, May 10th, NCECS teamed up with Help Age International for a program about hypertension in the elder community (theme of World Health Day, 2013). Health professionals participated as speakers and volunteers to check all 130 attendees’ blood pressure. Each person received a card on which future blood pressure readings might be recorded—a new concept for self-health in Ethiopia. To further illustrate healthy living, grain, dark bread and fruit were served in place of the usual cookies and white bread.
Dorothy and Samson illustrate blood pressurePhoto 1 – Dorothy and Samson illustrate with empty water bottles, that the normal volume of blood is 4.7 Liters – 5 Liters. After discussion, audience members realized that there is a common misconception in Ethiopia – that high blood pressure means more blood. The discussion also focused on the mechanism of heart pumping through arteries, where increased pressure may make the heart work harder and ultimately result in complications.
Dorothy checks blood pressure
Photo 2 – Every attendee was welcomed for a Blood Pressure check. For many it was the first time. Counseling followed, referring the few with high blood pressure for a second check after the refreshments.