Program of self-sustaining loans to elders with a shortage of start-up finance and who are capable to work actively so as to maintain the household.  Thirty elders came to report after the first loans in 2014 – how the Revolving Fund distribution was made and the results.  Because of Noble Cause loaning money to the farmer elders, they have more profits than usual because of the timing, loans without interest and with procedures for repayment.    Listen to one elder, “we learned a lot of things from this experience.  If this continues, let it increase a bit and give us more time so we can plan ahead (on April).  The elders got profit above that expected, more than the summer food, they also used their profit in the market (for blanket, socks, etc.)  Especially fair distribution is appreciated.  Due to flooding in the summer, we cannot reach the markets far away; Noble Cause is near to us, for distribution, this is to our advantage.”  One hundred percent returned their loan as agreed.