Successful Evaluation

New addition to our first building, you can see light through the wall.

New building addition 2015As Noble Cause Elder Care and Support arrived at the end of a 3-year agreement with the government, an on-site evaluation was required. In July 2015, the evaluation was scheduled and visitors were invited. Representatives from Health, HIV, Tourism, and Finance/Economy of the Woreda, together with our Kebele Committee, gave Noble Cause a 90% successful accomplishment of our 3-year goals. Our US visitors had lived and worked in other countries and complimented Ethiopia for its efficiency, punctuality, and short speeches. Before and after seeing our older people, relaxing on the 4-hour trip from Addis Ababa to our site and return provided visitors with a view of the beauty of Ethiopia farming and mountainous roads while pure water and latrine were challenging. Each trip is better and better.

New 3-Year Agreement

Board Chair, Meraf Kebede, is awarded appreciation for her years of service at the General Assembly meeting where the Agreement was accepted and endorsed. With Samson Betru, General Manager and Dorothy Hanson, Advisor.

Board chair appreciation 2015Successful completion of that evaluation was a bridge to the new 3-year agreement which we sought from the Zone in order to expand into another Woreda. The purpose of expansion is to address another group of vulnerable elders, using the many things we’ve learned in our 8 years. Remembering our Vision – To improve the life of elders by creating an environment free of fear and poverty thus bringing them into well-being, we were eager to mobilize local resources and use our experience in a new location. After much paper work and many meetings with the zone representatives, a 3-year agreement was signed between us on September 18, 2015.

Celebration of International Older Persons’ Day Oct 17, 2015
60+ Counts: Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness.

Elder playing traditional instrument, Mesenko.

Celebration music 2015

Board member, Rahel Wondemu,                 Original design – wall hanging with
with her purchases (bags/purses).                artist and social worker, Emebet.

Board member with new bag 2015artist & social worker with wall hanging 2015

Noble Cause focused this year on community engagement. We believe this is essential for sustainability. We began with our celebration of International Older Persons’ Day on October 17, 2015 in our original site. Six of the seven Board members (four of them new) along with guests from the US and a representative of our new area traveled together, sharing, learning, and recording the events of the day. Two of us rode on the horses who led us up the road on our march for elders. On return we joined 200 for food and celebration of our beautiful older persons. The theme this year: 60+ Counts: Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness. The impact on these first-time visitors was registered on their smiling faces as they purchased handcrafts created by our elders before departing.

Our Expansion Begins in New Area

Left photo: Our social worker, Mr. Tsegay, and the local priest in Chacha exchange ideas at the Inauguration meeting. Right photo: Board Chair, Samuel Geremu, following his motiva-tional speech, “TODAY, NOT TOMORROW,” observes as small groups discuss elder issues.

Chacha Inauguration 2015Board Chair at Celebration 2015

Our Future Plan began to take shape as we integrate our work into two locations. The new location is called Chacha where a workshop for the new area brought Decision Makers and representatives from the Zone (Finance and Economic Development as well as Labor Social Affairs Department), local Court and Justice, and six Idirs, Elders and local religious organizations (47 persons) participated in AWARENESS for COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT of OLDER PERSONS, a half-day program on November 18, 2015.

Attendees shared ideas, participated enthusiastically and volunteered to serve on the local committee where diversity is evident with representatives from Orthodox, Evangelical, and Muslim. Thus we have begun our expansion and collaboration with the local community. We expect that the impact of these activities will bring long-term changes including reduction in poverty from local ownership and community collaboration. Check back for reports on progress in our future posts.


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