Geriatric Center Room list

God’s willing, we are planning  to build Seniors Home, which contains the following room lists. Suggestions are always welcome.

  1. Bed rooms (3 people per rooms) ,and (6 people per rooms)
  2. Bath rooms
  3. Dining room
  4. Internal and external Kitchen/ for difference purpose
  5. Multipurpose hall /living room, devotional room, game area, exercise area
  6.  Library and research center (student and elder interaction)
  7.  Clinic
  8.  Special care rooms
  9.  Doctors and Nurses office
  10.  Entrance hall/Reception/visitation area
  11.  Administration Offices
  12. Conference room
  13.  Reception area
  14. Laundry
  15.  Store
  16.  External bath room
  17. Cattle and sheep’s place
  18. Parking lot
  19.  Agricultural space

We do believe nothing is impossible with God!