Our Team

Samson Betru is  Executive Director and founders of Noble Cause Elder Care and Support; his vision for the elders of Ethiopia materialized in 2007 G.C, but his desire to help started long before.

Samson’s mother fell from a high building, sustained a head injury and instead of taking care of her six small children she became highly dependent herself on others. Thereafter her children were scattered to relatives in the countryside. Meanwhile Samson’s father denied to accept him as a son. Samson lived in the countryside for approximately fifteen years, doing what the farmer does. Through all that hard life the vision came to his mind while he helped a woman who became senile but he buried the vision for 21 years.

During that time Samson’s mother came to visit him in the countryside and he warned her that if she couldn’t take him to Addis Ababa, she wouldn’t see  him again. Due to his bitter life in the countryside, he wanted to kill himself (mother releasing all condition he had); she decided to take him with her; Samson came together.  No more being a Farmer, he came to start school in Addis Ababa. In high school he read a passage in an English Text book, the title The Noble Cause, the passage triggered his vision buried a long time ago.  Then he started to think “the Noble Cause Elder Care And Support”; so many ups and downs, life,  the school journey even  made worse when the father refused to accept Samson as his son.  But living with the mother who then had eight children without father, thanks to her resilience, she was able to work in Mekane Yesus Seminary  and create an income sending her children to school.

When Samson exceeded in his school result, he started to give home to home tutor and to earn his school fee, sharing his mother’s responsibilities in some portion, of course bigger brother was covering the large portion of the family responsibilities.

Samson  deliberately focused on English Language, computer utilization and was successful.
Thanks to these academic achievements he joined the Harromya University and completed a Bachelor’s Degree through the Business and Economics faculty in  Management, as well as Nursing and Information Technology Diplomas.  While working for Women’s Welfare Association as a Librarian,  he began to better understand welfare work  and how to establish a charity. This was vital in bringing a clear focus to Samson’s  vision. This vision was instilled during  Mr. Samson’s  childhood by his single  Beloved  aunt who was very kind and his protector (she provided too much care as the best mother for him) and   his mother’s aunt who became senile and needs high care as restless baby and later  the passage he read in his tenth grade, The Noble Cause, all revealed and helped him to focus on the vision.

He shared this vision  with an American best friend (Dorothy Hanson). After she prayed about it  she agreed to help in all possible ways to make Noble Cause realistic.  The deep poverty and life challenges  did not  deter him.  A few  relatives and friends understood his vision and committed to stand with him to improve the lives of beloved older people in the Ethiopia countryside.

In 2007 Noble Cause Elder Care and Support  was created. There were many initial challenges. The government required donor commitment before NCECS could be registered as an official charity and at this point no international donors knew about the organization.

Established in 2007, Noble Cause Elder Care And Support  (NCECS) is an indigenous Charitable Organization, Begun by its founder and General Manager, Samson Betru, with Dorothy Hanson and three others, NCECS envisions a bright future by having self-reliance,  reliable resources and convenient life style  for Ethiopian older People (Seniors citizens).