Noble Cause Senior Care Center is the new name for Adult Day Care.  Why are we making this change?   Elders without a home end up in the church compound or begging on the street. It is time we reach into the next stage of services for our elders.  “Can we provide a home, a place for homeless elders to find shelter and care?”  We are ready to answer “Yes, with God’s help we will provide Senior Care Centers in two locations in Bosana Worena Woreda, both in Semen Shoa Zone”.  This is growth – originally Age-Friendly gatherings (4 sites continue) then Adult Day Care (2 of the 4 sites) now we are providing a place to sleep as well in two sites.

There are many advantages: Shelter for the neglected and homeless, holistic services that magnify the dignity of each elder, strengthening NCECS position and trust with the community, donors and government as a model in geriatric services in rural Ethiopia.  Adult day care continues, residential care begins, and respite overnight care for temporary lodging for those who can return home are all part of this program.

Disadvantages such as removing the elder from family and community responsibility, isolation and disintegration along with loss of identity, respect and independence are carefully guarded against by community planning and ongoing involvement, well-trained care-givers and staff as well as by linking the center to the nearest school and church (story-telling, blessing ceremonies, sharing scripture, visitors welcome at any time, etc.).