Who We Are

Noble Cause Elder Care And Support (NCECS)  is an indigenous non-profit   Ethiopian Residence Charitable Organization  was  originally legalized by  FDRE Ministry of Justice and now certified by FDRE Charities and Societies Agency ;   Mission is to facilitate basic needs, improve health provision, increase self-reliance, decrease age-related discrimination and strengthen relations between generations for rural, impoverished, isolated elders. Our programs  are  classified into four components   Senior Care Center, Community-Based Care, Holistic Health service and Monetary schemes, so we do believed that our efforts will sustain through community participation, and God’s Care.

The organization’s signature – Noble Cause – is carried out by  serving those over age 60.  We offer community awareness  and  lobbying  about older people, training for volunteers; we  also work closely with our stakeholders  for inclusion and mainstreaming into every government programs.

How We Began
Noble Cause Elder Care and Support  started  after  Dorothy and Samson learned  from the government  Adult Care Center and assessed the gaps. They found that the traditional  way of holding  or helping the elder by the family  is eroded. Modernization and development took their children away and the older people are left behind. So that Dorothy and Samson shared the findings of this situation to others and Noble Cause started in 2007GC with the desired of helping Ethiopian rural older  people.  The vision to see elders  having self-reliance, reliable resource, convenient life style, and free from fear, so as bring wellbeing.

Where we work

So now Noble Cause is working Northern Ethiopia  in Semen Showa Zone , around Debreberhan Town,  in two Woredas/districts.